Cycle Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

Cycle Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

As a whole cycle injury claims are on the increase and notably in London since the introduction of the cycle Superhighway. More and more people are choosing to commute into work and save money by cycling. However as cyclists have to share roads with cars and other traffic they are at an increased risk of injury.

We understand that many cyclists do not just use their bikes for travel to and from one place to another. There is a great feeling of freedom to be had from cycling. There is no inconvenience of having to find a parking space, paying over the odds for it – queuing in traffic for hours ! There are the health benefits of course – which far outweigh sitting in a car or on a train immobile.

We therefore understand what it means when you have been injured in a cycling accident. The loss is not just in terms of the injury caused to you or the damage to your bike, but the loss of freedom and enjoyment of riding your bike !

We also know that injuries to cyclists are usually serious. Even if the other road user is travelling at low speed the injury caused to a cyclist who is knocked off their bike and thrown to the ground is likely to be severe. Our qualified and experienced Solicitor is knowledgeable in these types of claim and is dedicated to ensuring that any treatment you require is received immediately. If you require X-Rays or scans to determine the extent of your injury – these can be put in hand on day one of your claim. There are no waiting lists. Early rehabilitation is key to your recovery !

Cycle Injury Compensation

Kingston Cycle Injury Claims are dedicated to ensuring that we recover compensation for not just your injury and losses but actual loss of use and convenience of not having your bike. Whether your injury is caused as a result of the negligence of a car or other road user, or a defective road surface we will commit to ensuring that you recover the compensation you deserve. We will arrange any treatment you require to get you back in the saddle and on the road to recovery. We will claim all your out of pocket losses.

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